Randy’s Record Shop

In 1969 Randy was stationed in Vietnam and had the idea to Open an “Oldies” Record Shop in Utah. Upon returning to Salt Lake City, he purchased an Old Home in the Avenues with an Attached Store Front for the purpose of selling “Oldies”. Zoning had been changed and Randy was delayed as he could not have a retail business in that area. Randy continued to buy and collect oldies singles by the thousands knowing he would find a way.

The Dream became a Reality when he Opened his doors for business on October 13th, 1978.


It really began back in 1959, when Randy purchased his first record, a 45 rpm copy of Santo & Johnny’s “Sleepwalk”. By 1970, he had collected approximately 30,000 singles & a few hundred LP’s. Between 1970 & 1978 Randy bought every collection of 45’s he could find and by the time he opened in 1978 he had approximately 60,000 45 rpms!

Randy’s Record Shop Has a Massive Selection of New & Used Vinyl LP Records & 7″ 45 rpms & is Utah’s Oldest Independent Vinyl Store. We offer music in most Genres/Categories .

Randy’s still sells Used CD’s, a small selection of new CD’s and New & Used Turntables, Amplifiers/Receivers, and Speakers.

Randy’s Warehouse

We hold a $2 Record Sale quarterly every 2-4 months across the street (back of Huddart Floral Shop) with over 10,000 Lp’s and also 1,000’s of $1 CD’s, many $1 DVD’s, .50 cent 45’s, VHS’s and Cassette Tapes.

And Finally we offer information about Turntables, LP Storage, & Record Cleaning Supplies!