Sell Your Records

To sell your records, contact the shop at: (801) 532-4413

We buy all genres (styles/categories) of music and will purchase entire collections, large or small.  Condition is very important and is a major factor in determining a records value.

Some titles sell better and for more than others due to supply and demand. Randy has been buying and reselling vinyl, here at the shop, for over 35 years.

This experience allows us to pay higher on collectible and in demand vinyl. With our unique access to many serious collectors and thousands of customers, we can pay very fair prices because we’ve got the knowledge to back it up.

Give us a call and let’s talk about what records you have.  We also buy fully functioning record players, turntables and other analog stereo equipment like amplifiers/receivers (generally, they must have a phono input),  speakers and reel to reel players and reels.